This Man:Bob Collymore.

To some he was a mentor to others a motivator and to Kenyans a hero.Thats the late Bob Collymore.Kenya has lost one of it’s best treasure.Bob made the best out of Kenya.For the nine years he has been the Safaricom Boss,he has changed lives immensely.Safaricom has played a great role in the Kenyan Economy.Bob fell in love with Kenya and it’s people to an extent he fell in love with a Kenyan lady.Bob was an inspiration to the Mwananchi from how he interacted with Kenyans,his humble nature was what ever y Kenyan loved about him.His smile assured Kenyans of better future ahead.His love and support to Kenya made a difference in every aspect of life he had an opportunity to lay his hands on.The famous M_pesa foundation Academy that sponsors students from humble backgrounds to ensuring they have a bright future,under his leadership.Bob was a Hero.We have lost hero but we will cry nor mourn anymore for he fought a good fight and a fullfilling one too.Its now his time to rest.To Kenyans let’s celebrate Bob’s life.To the incoming Safaricom CEO keep Bob’s legacy on.Make him smile as he always did.Rest in Peace Bob.We Kenyans are proud of you.

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